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Crop Advisory

Here are some alternative sources of income for you farmers

Please note, these are only suggestions, vendors might change without notice

A struggle to keep the creative legacy of Anakaputhur’s weavers continues.
Sarees made using banana fibres:

Edible Banana Fruit Peels
Banana peels are edible. Most of us may not like the idea of eating them, but they are a great, natural and healthy food loved by cows. You can feed the cattle with the banana peels, or you can use them as a natural fertilizer in your garden. The nutrients in the peel enrich the soil, making it more fertile and suitable for the growth of plants.
And you can use the peels for cooking too, as they are tasty and healthy.
Please note that we do not usually use the peels of ripe bananas for cooking, but we often use the green peels of bananas that are about to ripe soon.

Edible Stem

Banana plant stems are edible, healthy and rich in fibres. Drinking juice made of banana plant stems are thought to control the blood sugar levels, and so it is great for those who have diabetes. But you don't have to cut your banana plant for that. Many of the plants naturally fall off after a while, mainly as a result of rain and winds. In that case, you don't have to throw away the stem, but use them for food.

Banana Leaves Can Be Used As Natural Leaf Platters

Banana leaves are large and long enough to serve a full meal with lots of of dishes. If you have four or five banana plants in your garden, you can get plenty of banana leaves.

Edible Banana Flowers

Banana flowers are healthy and edible. Just like the stem, they have so much fibres in them, some of which you will have to remove.